End of Term
Start of Term

Information about the end of term and the start of Autumn 2014 term is contained in the letter above

Year 6 Questions

Year 6 induction takes place on 10th July and is not affected by planned industrial action.

Are you a parent of a Year 6 student?

Do you have any questions about the transition to Aldridge School?

If so email your question to year6@aldridge.walsall.sch.uk


Bringing the correct equipment to school every day is an essential part of positive behaviour for learning.

Bringing the correct equipment to school every day is a school rule.

After half term there will be a focus on all pupils having the correct equipment.

All pupils should have:

This will be checked in ALL lessons and at EVERY registration period. A small stationary shop will be open at break times in Goodsell Hall.

Avoid a detention and ensure that you have all the equipment.

Open Evening 2014
Our open evenings for 2015 Year 7 intake take place on Wednesday 17 September 2014 and Thursday 18 September 2014 7-9 pm.

For those interested in the Music Scholarship there will a special meeting at 6.15 pm on Wednesday 17 September 2014 in Whitman Hall
Read the December edition of Headlines by clicking on the link above.
If you require a username and password for parent pay, please email your child's name and form to help@aldridge.walsall.sch.uk
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Aldridge School has been rated 'Good' by Ofsted. Click on the file above to read the full report.

Free School Meals
Download Letter

It is the duty of the Local Education Authority (LEA) to provide a meal for those pupils who are eligible for free school meals. Our new cashless catering system keeps the identity of students receiving free school meals confidential. By claiming Free School meals you also help raise important funding for the school.

If you think you qualify for free school meals please click here for information on claiming free school meals and/or print off and complete the form above. You can also complete an online application form by clicking here.

Download Headlines

From September we will be implementing a new system for the hire of lockers. Our current locker provision is to be replaced and new lockers will be provided and managed by an external company.

Lockers can be paid for and pre booked via the ILS website www.ilsschools.co.uk

Further detail about the new lockers can be found in the letter above.

Term Dates 2014-2016

Autumn Term 2014
Monday 1 September 2014*
Friday 24 October 2014

Monday 3 November 2014
Friday 19 December 2014

Spring Term 2015
Monday 5 January 2015
Friday 13 February 2015

Monday 23 February 2015
Friday 27 March 2015

Summer Term 2015
Monday 13 April 2015
Friday 22 May 2015

Monday 1 June 2015
Monday 20 July 2015*

*Training Days:
1) Monday 1 September
2) Thursday 18 September
3) Tuesday 27 January
4) Friday 13 March
5) Monday 20 July

Proposed dates for 2015/16 TBC are:

Autumn Term 2015
Tuesday 1 September 2015
Friday 23 October 2015

Monday 2 November 2015
Friday 18 December 2015

Spring Term 2016
Monday 4 January 2016
Friday 12 February 2016

Monday 22 February 2016
Thursday 24 March 2016

Summer Term 2016
Monday 11 April 2016
Friday 27 May 2016

Monday 6 June 2016
Wednesday 20 July 2016

Training days to be decided


House Championship

2013 - 2014
House Scores









Barr House


Barr House

This is where you can find out about Barr House view more..
Daniels House


Barr House

This is where you can find out about Daniels view more..

Linley House


Barr House

This is where you can find out about Linley House view more..
Scott House


Barr House

This is where you can find out about Scott House view more..


July 2014
1st - 5th July School Production
1st July Governors Meeting - Property/Finance 18:00
2nd July Year 12 Taster Day
3rd July School Council Meeting - Conference Room 13:00
House Championship:
Junior and Senior Tennis (Lunch Time and After School)
8th - 14th July Music Trip to Germany
8th July Full Governors Meeting - 18:00
10th July Year 6 Induction Day
School Council Meeting - Conference Room 13:00
15th July House Championship:
Sports Day (TBC)
15th July Year 8 Reports Issued
18th July End of Term - School Closes Early
- Students to form 12 Noon
August 2014
14th August

A Level Results Day

Year 13 8:30am
Year 12 9:30am

21st August

GCSE Results Day

Year 11 9:30am
Year 10 10:00am



  • Bus Services
  • Music
  • GCSE Results
  • A-level Results
  • 100% Attendance

Aldridge Musicians Sounding Good

Gifted musicians at Aldridge School are tuning up for a packed series of concerts. Students will perform the first concert of the school’s spring and summer programme on Thursday 13 March starting at 7.30pm.

The concert is followed by a performance of Faure Requiem and other choral pieces on Wednesday 2 April featuring both the senior and junior choirs and the school orchestra at the school.

For school leavers a special graduates’ concert is planned on Thursday 8 May, at 7.30pm featuring the school choir, orchestra, and band.

Gifted musicians, who will be leaving to take up a coveted place at The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, will perform solo pieces. Music awards and a performance of Les Miserables are also planned for later in the summer term.
The school’s concert series follows a recent weekend music residential in Herefordshire for almost 90 students.
Music director Richard Mason said: “We are now preparing for a busy spring and summer season and hope people are able to come and listen to our very talented musicians at any of our forthcoming concerts.

”For many like Andrew this will be their last series of concerts before taking up places to study music at acclaimed conservatoires and academies around the country.” Aldridge School is currently well represented in our national music colleges.

Results keep Aldridge School among the top performers


GSCE results at Aldridge School have seen a dramatic jump in the top A* grades, up by 30 per cent on previous years and bucking the national trend in top grades.

And this year the school is celebrating its best ever results in Maths and Science with four out of five students gaining a grade C or above in Maths.

The school has achieved an 89 per cent A*-C pass rate with a quarter of pupils achieving five or more A and A* grades.

For 16-year-olds Louise Slimm, Maddie Turner, Amundeep Rajania and Ella Kinder their A* haul totalled 32 with Louise gaining nine straight A*s.

Among other high achievers is 16-year-old Joanne Harding whose one A*, seven As, two Bs and a distinction in ICT is made all the more impressive because of her determination to keep working despite undergoing a serious brain operation three years ago.

The student from Aldridge was diagnosed with a cyst on her brain after suffering severe headaches, dizziness and pain. She had to have surgery to remove the cyst, which left her with anxiety and panic attacks.

Her mum Tracey Harding said: “We are very proud of Joanne, she has had to have a lot of time off from school as a result of her condition but has worked hard to make up for it. One of the side effects of the operation are panic attacks and Joanne did brilliantly to cope with sitting the exams. The school has been very supportive and she is now looking forward to starting Sixth Form there.”

Joanne was today celebrating her remarkable achievement along with friends who have also netted A and A* hauls in their GCSE results.

Mr Mountney, Aldridge School head teacher, said: “As with our record A-level results last week, the GCSE results today once again demonstrate the school’s commitment to achieving excellence together.

”It is especially rewarding to see Joanne’s results which are an absolute credit to her, her parents and all those who have helped her through her illness.”

Of the students who sat GCSEs at the school in a full range of subjects the school expects more than 76 per cent to stay onto study A-levels at its sixth form, with others opting for college courses, apprenticeships and work.

Aldridge School celebrates record A-level results


Students, staff and parents at Aldridge School were celebrating another year of excellent results with an A* haul up on all previous years. Nearly a quarter of the grades achieved at the Tynings Lane school were either A or A* results.

Star student Vanessa Lyne, netting A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.The 18-year-old, from Aldridge is now off to study chemistry at Durham University.

Figures show 100 per cent of students achieved A* to E grades compared to 98 per cent last year and 96 per cent the year before at the school.Seventy-one per cent of the students are set to go to their first choice university and for the first time the school has seen a significant increase in students going on to high quality apprenticeship programmes.

Mr Mountney, Aldridge School Headteacher, said: “These are excellent results and we are delighted for the students and their ever-supportive parents. In the current climate, which is so challenging for our young people, getting good results like these will make all the difference in their futures. We now look forward to 2014 and our ambition to achieve the best for all our students continues with real confidence.”

Also celebrating today was Chloe Law, who got A* in Biology and As in Chemistry and Maths. The 18-year-old is now off to Cardiff University to study Optometry.

Sam Pickering, 18, will study Aeronautics at Leeds University after getting As in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Maddie Thorn, 18, is off to Leeds University to study Chemistry after getting A* Economics and As in Biology and Chemistry.

Jessica Page, 18, got A* Biology, As Chemistry and Geography and is off to Birmingham University to study Biochemistry.

Dedicated students clock up
years without time off


Seven students at Aldridge School have clocked up a total of 35 years’ attendance without each taking a single day off school.

The Year 11 pupils, who are now on study leave, were presented with awards for their 100 per cent attendance during their entire time at the Tynings Lane school.

David Mountney, Headteacher, said in his 33-years’ teaching he’d never come across so many students in one single year group to have never had a day off school.

He said: “They are a credit to our school and should be proud of themselves for achieving 100 per cent attendance since they joined in Year 7. I hope all their hard work will pay off in their GCSE exams.”

The students along with all their fellow pupils in Year 11 have now left school to take up exam study leave.

They were presented with their awards, alongside other students, at the school’s annual Year 11 suit day, when students mark their last day in school by donning suits and dresses for their last assembly and say their farewells to those who aren’t returning to the sixth form.



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  • Homework
  • Attendance
Staying Safe
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Assessment Dates

Assessment Dates

The linked page contains dates and information about each faculties assessment information. This can rage from external examinations and course work submission dates for KS4 and KS5 students through to internal assessments for KS3 student.

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Coaching Your Teenager

Helping them get the best out of school and college

A publication from the DCSF

Aldridge Parents
Consultation Committee

Here at Aldridge School we are proud of the partnerships we have with the parents of our students.  We are constantly striving to improve the life chances of the students that attend here, but we always are keen to hear how the community feels we are achieving that goal.

The Aldridge Parents Consultative Committee are a group made up of parents of Aldridge School Students that meet once a term to hear current plans and initiatives that being undertaken and to discuss any issues or topics effecting the school.

So parents have your say! We want to hear what you think! We are currently recruiting for the APCC and would welcome fresh input. 

If you feel you would like to come and be given the opportunity to express your opinion please contact
Mrs Chris Welch on 01922 743988 or cwelch@aldridge.walsall.sch.uk

The APCC will meet on the following dates at 18:30 in Whitman Hall:

24th October 2013
28th November 2013
6th February 2014
27th March 2014
22nd May 2014
19th June 2014

APCC meeting on Thursday 27th March 6:30 - 7:30 pm

New measures – best 8 and the National Curriculum
APCC – which way now?

Refreshments included

Download File Notes from APCC meeting held 21 March 2013
Download File Notes from APCC meeting held 11 October 2012
Download File Presentation from APCC February Meeting
Download File Notes from APCC meeting held 1 December 2011
Download file

Notes from APCC meeting held 13 October 2011

51 parents attended

October 2011

Download Letter The first meeting of the APCC for this academic year will be held on Thursday 13 October at 6.30 pm-7.30 pm in Whitman Hall.
Download Notes APPC meeting held Thursday 25 March: Feedback from discussion around the three Ofsted priorities points

The meeting will be held on Thursday 24 March at 6.30-7.30 pm in Goodsell Hall
Download Letter We are pleased to confirm the date of our next meeting of the APCC.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 24 March at 6.30-7.30 pm in Goodsell Hall
Download file

Notes of APCC meeting held Thursday 25 November 2010

Thirty three parents and five staff present.

December 2010


We are pleased to confirm the date of the next meeting of the APCC.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 25 November at 6.30-7.30 in Whitman Hall

Download File Internet Saftey Presentation

October 2010
Download notes


Notes from September Meeting

September 2010

Click here to register for e-safety news letter


Download File

Notes from June Meeting

June 2010

APCC March Meeing information

Notes from March Meeting

March 2010

APPC December 09

Notes from December Meeting

December 2009


Notes from first Meeting

October 2009

Parent results

KR Survey Data - Parent Results

October 2009

Parent comments

KR Survey Data - Pupil Results

October 2009

Parent comments

KR Survey Data - Parent Comments

October 2009




Term Dates for 2013 - 2014

Autumn Term 2013

Mon 2 Sept - Fri 25 Oct
Mon 4 Nov - Fri 20 Dec

Spring Term 2014
Mon 6 Jan - Fri 14 Feb
Mon 24 Feb - Fri 11 April

Summer Term 2014
Mon 28 April - Fri 23 May
Mon 2 June - Mon 21 July

Term Dates for 2014 - 2015

Autumn Term 2014:
Mon 1 Sep - Fri 24th Oct (TBC)
Mon 3 Nov - Fri 19 Dec (TBC)

Spring Term 2015:
Mon 5 Jan - Fri 13 Feb (TBC)
Mon 23 Feb - Fri 27 March (TBC)

Summer Term 2015:
Mon 13 April - Fri 22nd May (TBC)
Mon 1 June - Mon 20 July (TBC)


Planned Absence

Is it worth it?

Parents are still requesting to take their child(ren) out of school during term time for various reasons including family holidays.

All absences cause considerable disruption to a child’s learning and prevent them achieving the grades that they have the potential to reach.  As a consequence, examination grades will be lower than those predicted for your child. 

Younger children also suffer from the break in friendship groups when absent from school and this can result in anxiety on return to school.

The Governing Body have decided to revise our current policy to reflect these concerns.  Therefore from 1 June 2013 our new Absence policy will state:

  • We will not authorize any planned absence taken in school time during Years 9,10 and 11.
  • Any requests for Years 7 and 8 will only be authorized in exceptional circumstances if the student’s attendance is above 95% and will remain above 95% after the planned absence.
  • We will not authorize any absence of 10 school days or over.
  • All requests must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the planned absence
  • Any absence which lasts for 20 consecutive days or more will result in the student(s) being removed from the school role.


I would therefore ask that all parents accommodate their planned absence during the 13 weeks available to them during the school year and I thank those parents who do not make requests of this kind recognizing that they are clearly most disruptive to their child(ren)s learning.

We are working in partnership with the Educational Welfare Officer to whom we forward all unauthorized absences.  Parent(s) could be fined up to £2,500 and/or sentenced to 3 months imprisonment.  The parent(s) may alternatively be subject to a fixed-penalty fine of £60 per child per parent.


Download Letter Download Form
Planned Absence Policy
Planned Absence Form
Download Homework Homework Booklet Year 7

At Aldridge School we have considered the format in which we plan home learning.  To help forward planning, the schedule outlines the approximate dates when students can expect a Home Learning Assignment to be set and the duration of the unit.
Download Homework Homework Booklet Year 8

At Aldridge School we have considered the format in which we plan home learning.  To help forward planning, the schedule outlines the approximate dates when students can expect a Home Learning Assignment to be set and the duration of the unit.
Home Work Timetable Homework Timetable 2013-2014

Homework timetable for 2013-2014, find out when homework will be set for each year group.
View Policy Homework Policy

Homework should have a purpose and be appropriate to the needs of pupils. Purpose in this context means: to supplement classwork and consolidate learning; to test comprehension and develop and practise skills appropriate to the subject concerned; to develop an ability to organise private, unsupervised study/research; to develop the habit of private study.

Attendance Matters

Regular school attendance is an important part of giving you the best possible start in life. Pupils who miss school frequently can fall behind with their work and do less well in exams. Good attendance shows potential employers that you are reliable. Research suggests that pupils who attend school regularly could also be at less risk of getting involved in antisocial behavior or crime.  Below is a table showing how your percentage attendance equates to the amount of school time missed.

Attendance during one school year Equivalent Days Equivalent Sessions Equivalent Weeks Equivalent Lessons Missed
95% 9 Days 18 Sessions 2 Weeks 50 Lessons
90% 19 Days 38 Sessions 4 Weeks 100 Lessons
85% 29 Days 58 Sessions 6 Weeks 150 Lessons
80% 38 Days 72 Sessions 8 Weeks 200 Lessons
75% 48 Days 96 Sessions 10 Weeks 250 Lessons
70% 57 Days 114 Sessions 11.5 Weeks 290 Lessons
65% 67 Days 134 Sessions 13.5 Weeks 340 Lessons

Every Minute Counts

If you arrive late to school everyday your learning begins to suffer.  Below is a graph showing how being late to school everyday over a school year adds up to lost learning time.

        19 Days Lost
      13 Days Lost
    10 Days Lost
  6.5 Days Lost


Days Lost

5 Minutes Late 10 Minutes Late 15 Minutes Late 20 Minutes Late 30 Minutes Late
(Over one academic year)





After School
(3.05 – 4.15)


Year 7 Swimming Invite only - DWR
Year 7 Tennis – LMO
Year 9 Softball - CSM
Year 10 Cricket – SSI

All years Stoolball - FNI
Year 8 Rounders – HPE
Year 9 and 10 Tennis - EST

Anti Bullying Club - Alder Centre

AS Revision Room 44 - DWR

KS3 Indoor Football - GKR

Maths Club Room 62

Homework Club - Library 3.05 to 4.00



Year 7 Table Tennis – LMO
Year 8 Tennis – DWR
Year 9 Cricket – GKR
Year 10 Weights – CSM
BTEC Room 45 - SSI

Beginners Swimming – FNI
Year 7 and 8 Tennis – EST

Social Club (invitation only)

KS3 Humanities Club 1.00 - 1.30

Year 9 BTEC
Team Rounders EST/FNI/HPE
KS4 Indoor Football - GKR

Drama Club - open to all years

Homework Club - Library 3.05 to 4.00




Tennis Matches
Rounders Matches
GCSE Revision - FNI

BTEC Performing Arts Rehearsals

Homework Club - Library 3.05 to 4.00

Photoshop Club - Room


Year 7 Ultimate Frisbee – LMO
Year 7 Cricket - CSM
Year 8 Rugby – SSI
Year 9 Tennis – DWR
Year 9 and 10 Football - GKR
All years Athletics – FNI
Year 9 Rounders – EST
Year 10 Rounders - HPE

Random (invitation only)

Year 9 BTEC – HPE
Year 11 BTEC – EST

All years Table Tennis - CSM

GCSE Drama Rehearsals

Homework Club - Library 3.05 to 4.00


Year 8 Cricket - LMO
Year 8 and 9 Table Tennis – CSM
Year 10 Tennis – DWR
All years Vollyball
Year 7 Rounders – FNI
All Years Ultimate Frisbee – EST


KS3 Humanities Club 1.30- 2.00

English Club Room 19 1:10 - 1:50

AS Revision - GKR

All extra-curricular activities are subject to change.


Senior choir (years 10 and above) Monday 1.15pm
Junior Band (years 7-9) Tuesday 7.40 am
Girls' choir (years 7-9) Tuesday 1.15 pm
Senior Band (years 10 and above) Wednesday 7.40 am
Senior Swing (6th Form) Wednesday 1.15pm
Senior Orchestra (years 10 and above) Thursday 7.40 am
String Orchestra (all years) Thursday 1.15 pm
Brass Band (years 7-9) Friday 8.00 am
Junior Swing (years 7-9) Friday 1.15 pm

Takes place in Fuller Hall. Please see Mr Turner for more information